Blues on the Run

from by Chris Rawlings



(How to Keep the) Blues on the Run
Oh the rain keeps fallin' it's a blue grey morning
Got some heavy pressure on me, pretty mama
If you're feelin' like there's a low ceiling
You've got my sympathy but

Refrain: 2X
I caught on just in time
How to keep the blues on the run

Oh it's hot and muggy, hay's getting' soggy
Everything turning on me, Oh Lordy
Got no money, I just lost my honey
She just set me free but

Refrain: 2X

Well I'm an old grasshopper, real clock stopper
I just fiddle round all day, pretty mama
But my minds so busy, it would make you dizzy
Come on, I'll show the way that


Give me a million dollars and a starched white collar
I would feel like a hot dog steamé, Lordy
I'm an old time rambler, but a hard luck gambler
Must have been my lucky day that

Refrain: 2X + 1st line



from under saturn's wheel, released November 7, 2010


all rights reserved