Hey Rene

from by Chris Rawlings



Le Studio: Legendary recording studio owned by world class producer Andre Perry and his partner Yael.

Morin Heights: village in the Laurentians, 50 North of Montreal, Quebec.

Rose's Cantina: Coffee house that operated in Morin Hieghts, run by Penny Rose.

Peter Jarosz: Leather worker, carpenter and story teller. Some of the information of the lyric below comes from Peter.

Here is the story of the recording, how it came to be and how it did not come to be, till now: (this rhyme DOES have a melody):

Way back in1976,
I had to make my mind up quick
I was playing the Village Green Cafe in Kaslo
When I got a call from Le Studio.

It was Andre Perry in Morin Heights, said
We're recording, starts tonight
Better get here fast as you can go
'Cause the English band's in Le Studio

He said "you can do that sunshine tune,
and the one about Rene and the PQ
We're gonna work the bugs out as we go
With the English band in Le Studio

So I booked me a bed at Rose's Cantina
Blew all my money on a one-way ticket to Montreal
Peter Jarosz was the mover and the shaker
Andre Parry owed him big favours for the studio
Helped building Le Studio...

It's been so long since I've seen everybody
No rehearsal just a big jam party
All of the pickers and singers from these hills
And no one gettin paid one dollar bill

There was Ti- Bill Russell and Three chord Larry
Andrew Cowan and Stephen Barry
And a whole lot of other folk that you don't know
Made up te English band in Le Studio

I was right in the middle of Hey Rene
When the dam upstream started to give way
We dropped everything and ran outside the door
The water was just inches from the door

The someone drove up with bags of sand
We lined the ditch and we made a stand
Kep5t watch until the water slowed
That's how the English band saved Le Studio

Now you gotta remember, that November
The Parti Quebecois and the members won the poll
Hey Rene was my way to say
Don't throw it all away just take it slow
Yea take it slow

We finished the record it was in the can
Three months later, still in the can
What's goin' on I'd like to know
With the English band in Le Studio

Now it's been 30 years and I just found out
The PQ paid to snuff it out
100 grand or more that's what I'm told
To get English Banned in Le Studio

And Andre Perry, he moved to Bermuda
I hope he got eaten by a barracuda
....that big S...O...well he got English Banned in Le Studio


from Autumn Gold, released April 14, 2012


all rights reserved