Paddlin' Canoe

from by Chris Rawlings



A true story, even though completely unsustainable. Fresh water stugeon, what were we thinking. We weren't, we were 13 years old. There's definitely some Lord of the Flies in here. I hope Tim White hears this song one of these days.


Campin in the woods like voyageurs
Up in La Verendrye
Summer dry and hot, like it or not
Near the camp we had to stay

Paddlin' canoe, paddlin' canoe, padlin' canoe all dayFishi round the bends of the river with my friends
Just paddli' and fishin all the way

Old mama sturgeon, lyin' on the bottom
Big as a submarine
Tool off like a shot, tied our lines in a knot
Couldn't believe what we'd seen


We followed up a river, up a shallow river,
Back of a beaver dam
Fishin' no good try what we could
Headed back home again

Timmy on the bow kept a lookout now
We knew what we'd seen
Two feet below, she was movin too slow
For three boys in their teens


Splash went the paddle, then another one struck
We stripped off our clothes and run
Stunned her once more, wrestled her to shore
That night we fed everyone


Repeat first verse


from Autumn Gold, released April 14, 2012
Henry Hiellig (Mantecca) on bass; Mike Pinsonneault (Bug Alley Band) on sax; Chris Rawlings vocal and guitar.


all rights reserved