The Log Driver's Waltz

from by Chris Rawlings

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Circa 1970-71 I recorded this track with The Mountain City Four members (Anna McGarrigle, Jack Nissensen, Peter Weldon), as well as the author of the song Wade Hemsworth, who sings in the chorus. When my first album, Pearl River Turnaround was released, we felt the song was not a good fit, even though two other songs with Anna, Jack and Peter were included.
Anna's recollection of the studio recording went like this:
"What I remember of that particular
recording session was a lot of people smoking dope and Wade getting very nervous about the
direction the song was going in. I think he actually walked off in a huff when a track of bongos
was added...Pretty funny now."
(My note: Thankfully not everyone was inhaling and we had the presence of mind to take out the bongos as well as to get Wade back in time to sing on the chorus.)

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from Autumn Gold, released April 14, 2012


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